The Philosophy of Matthew Wood.

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Matthew Wood

-- The Man who Talks to Plants. --

Part Quaker, part Cherokee Indian, Master Herbalist for over 25 years.

‘Nature is Alive!’

‘Nature is Alive! Nature is a living Being, an entity, full of life, awareness and Treasures of the Spirit.’

-- says Master Herbalist, Matthew Wood.

Master Herbalist, Matthew Wood

‘Plants tell us how they can HEAL’ says Matthew Wood. You must observe the shape of the leaves. What color is the flower? When do they bloom? Where does the plant grow? What sound does the plant make when the wind is blowing? What do the seeds look like?


Creator of the Speicher Tooth & Gum Formula


Matthew Wood practices the old philosophy of treating ‘like with like.’ If a certain plant has a leaf which looks like a human liver, this is a SIGN the plant cures liver problems. One plant is great for stomach problems. Its pods exactly resemble the human stomach.

This theory sounds amusing and has always been frowned upon by scientific thinkers -- even in ancient times.

Nature has the power to heal just about any condition on earth -- when your learn her Secrets.’ -- Matthew Wood.

But according to Matthew Wood, the theory of -- treating like with like -- is absolutely valid! He claims to get lasting results after both modern Medicine and Nutrition fail.

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Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist and homeopath for over 25 years. He is the author of, The Book of Herbal Wisdom: Using Plants as Medicine.

Matt gives herbal seminars all over the world -- the U.S., England, and Australia.

We need to think as Nature does.’ -- Matthew Wood.

Matt observes plants -- and the plants tell him their secrets. He gets knowledge from all of Nature; flowers, trees, squirrels, acorns, bears, and volcanos.

Do the nuts fall towards or away from a tree? VERY important to Matthew Wood! Sound like fantasy? Not at all. This is how God reveals his Secrets.

The shape and habitat of a plant give you clues to its medicinal function. Many plants are shaped like the organ they heal. Plants often resemble the condition they treat. This is called the ancient ‘Doctrine of Signatures.’

God made things so simple that only Children can understand.’

The more intelligent you are, the harder it is to read the plants. To be a great herbalist, you have to see the world through the eyes of a child. This is Nature's way of teaching us. It is God appealing to the child within us -- to our innocence, to our imagination.

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